Wednesday 16. April 2014
A warm welcome to the St. Georgen foundation

A place of hospitality that has a long
tradition and of openness for the present day.

Covered transparency

“The roof offers protection on the one
hand, while on the other hand openness

stimulates pensiveness.”

Bishop Dr.Alois Schwarz

The St. Georgen am Längsee foundation

An exceptional place of energy with a unique atmosphere!

A meeting place

Shared experiences, cultural events, seminars and the possibility of inner reflection create space and openness for a diversity of encounters.


Even now, in the second millennium of its existence,

the history of the foundation as a spiritual centre for

culture, education and hospitality continues to be written.


“Man does not live by bread alone….” (Matthew 4.4): a place of education and encounter…



Time out for the body and soul: a holiday like no other in the modern foundation hotel!


1000 years of spiritual life and ministry have resulted in a powerful place that fosters creativity and supports your success.






Bildungshaus - Hotel - Seminarzentrum

Schlossallee 6
A-9313 St. Georgen/Längsee
Tel.: ++43 (0) 4213 / 2046
Fax: ++43 (0) 4213 / 2046 / 46