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St. Georgen Foundation church

The parish church is dedicated to St. George whose commemoration day is celebrated on 23rd April. George, who was born around 280 A.D. served as a Roman officer under the emperor Diokletian. He was put in chains and died a martyr’s death for publicly denouncing the emerging persecution of Christians. The most famous legend tells of the saint’s “Battle with the dragon”. The convent and parish church was built on the masonry foundations of a former Roman church. The interior of the church is dominated by a mighty Baroque high altar, which probably dates back to shortly before 1700. The picture on the altar represents George fighting the dragon. Since August 2003, the peals of three bells have sounded through our church on special occasions. They were consecrated by the bishop of the diocese, Dr. Alois Schwarz, during the 1000 year celebrations. The crypt, which has been reopened, presumably also belongs to the Roman construction. It is situated below the choir stalls, similar to that of the foundation church of Göß (Styria). Please refer to the weekly plan on the door of the chapel, in the showcase at the church entrance or at the reception desk for times of prayers and services in the church and the chapel.

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