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like no other, inhabited for 1000 years.

An exceptional place

to rediscover the essentials of life.

1000 years of the St.Georgen am Längsee convent

every moment is eternity.

A house like no other, inhabited for 1000 years

The former Benedictine convent was founded by Countess Wichburg, the wife of Count Otwin of Sonnenburg (Pustertal), between 1002 and 1008. For more than 1000 years now this convent, situated on the idyllic lake Längsee in the centre of Carinthia, has been a peaceful place of vitality where generations of people from near and far have found shelter, comfort and peace with themselves.


In a way that is widely perceptible, the foundation offers an invitation to seek close communion with creation beyond that which is visible and to live accordingly. (ecclesiastic criteria 1-4)


The foundation is the place where the road into the future takes on concrete time and space.(ecclesiastic criteria 5-8)


To think from the completion of time lends the present more depth and constitutes a special mission in shaping the here and now. (ecclesiastic criteria 9-12)

Foundation St. Georgen
Stift St. Georgen
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